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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday March 25th, 2021 with Sean
More Roger Trigaux

A continued tribute to the music of Roger Trigaux with Univers Zéro and Present. The earliest UZ material has influences of Bartok, Stravinsky, and other contemporary composers, and is a form of chamber-music performed on acoustic instruments. By leaving and forming Present, Trigaux added more rock to the sound, in particular electric guitar pyrotechnics reminiscent at times of King Crimson. The repetitive structures and building tension might invite comparisons to Magma. The later Present albums more often add vocals, and Trigaux eventually changed the entire band. He finds a sympathetic madman in Dave Kerman on drums, and instruments like Mellotron and saxophone start to make appearances. To me the later material is his most intense and maybe best, although that in itself is a "heresie". To close the show after the nightmarish hellscape that occupies most of it, some newer releases from 2020-2021 with a lighter tone.
Infinite Ceiling Theme
David Murphy - Canadian
Jack the Ripper
Univers Zéro - Heresie - Cuneiform
Promenade au fond d'un canal
Present - Triskaidekaphobie - Cuneiform
May Day
Present - Certitudes - Cuneiform
C'eux d'en bas (Le Combat)
Present - No. 6 - Carbon 7
Present - Barbaro (Ma Non Troppo) - Ad Hoc
Antony Kalugin:
Alvaro Rojas:
Melodic Energy Commission:
Stellar Garden
Antony Kalugin - Stellar Gardener - Caerllysi New
Little Bell
Alvaro Rojas - Gran Kasa Canadian
Magnifo's Experience
Melodic Energy Commission - Electreum - Energy Canadian
Interactive CKCU