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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday February 6th, 2020 with Sean McFee

Infinite Ceiling Theme
David Murphy - Canadian
The first set is a "backlog" of music from Quebec City that I wasn't able to get to on a recent show.
Danse rustre
Interférence Sardines - Mare Crisium - Poisson d'avril Canadian
Luthier sportif
Interférence Sardines - Zucchini - Ambiances Magnétiques Canadian
Interférence Sardines - Spot de rue Canadian
Time Bomb Ticking
Milkweed - Milkweed - Aller Retour Canadian
Le manège enchanté
Maelstrom - Maelstrom - ProgQuebec Canadian
The second set has a couple of extended pieces from Spanish groups from the 70s.
Segunda Transmigración (Abismo Próximo)
Los Canarios - Ciclos - Si-Wan
El silencio de las esfras / La razon matural / La elipse / Fin principio / Un hombre nuvo
Bloque - El Hijo del Alba - Nices
The final set has some prog-folk, some neo-folk, and some folk from Mars
Strawbs - Hero and Heroine - A&M
She Moved Through the Fair
Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus - Paradis - Apocalyptic Vision
Sleepytime (Spirit is a Bone)
Sleeptyime Gorilla Museum - Grand Opening and Closing - Seeland
Interactive CKCU
Good list! lots new to me. Beautiful! 🎵

9:01 PM, February 6th, 2020
Sean McFee (host)
Awesome, thank you for tuning in!

9:02 PM, February 6th, 2020