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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday August 8th, 2019 with mark
Mostly New, Mostly Fusiony. Tracks from Brand X, Antoine Fafard, Spyral Jones, Alain Caron, Alex Lifeson / Marco Minneman, The Aristocrats, Frank Zappa, Eru-Era, Jukka Tolonen Band

Nuclear Burn
Brand X - Unorthodox Behaviour
Invisible Pastel
Antoine Fafard - Antoine Fafard - Borromean Odyssey - Invisible Pastel - independent Canadian New
The Seventh Extinction
Antoine Fafard - Borromean Odyssey - independent Canadian New
Antoine Fafard - Borromean Odyssey - independent Canadian New
Good to Go
Spyral Jones - Shock Value - independent Canadian
No Left Turn on Tuesday
Alain Caron - 5 Canadian
-- set break --
Lovers Calling
Alex Lifeson / Marco Minneman - < single > - Boing! Canadian New
D-Grade Fuck Movie Jam
The Aristocrats - You Know What... - Boing! New
Cruisin' for Burgers
Frank Zappa - Zappa in New York - Ryko
Eru-Era - Live From Irene's Pub - London Gentleman Records Canadian
Jukka Tolonen Band - Pop-Liisa 09 - Svart
Interactive CKCU
You guys sound amazing, props to the band, esp the drummer!

10:21 PM, August 8th, 2019