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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday July 11th, 2019 with mark
Tribute to The Groove and more

This week a little bit of fun to start. I'm still going the through by way of the on-demand of the massive 18-hour broadcast from Elorious Cain last Saturday/Sunday on the history of disco to celebrate his 40 years on the air. As a tribute if he can do 18 hours!!, I can at least do a set of prog-disco. Yes, a set of dance tunes from Mike Oldfield, King Crimson, Nash the Slash, Morse Code, Jeff Wayne and Kingston Wall. Doff of the cap again to Elorious.
Cocktail (Disco Mix)
Morse Code - Marche des Hommes - ProgQuebec Canadian
Epilogue, Pt. 2-The Eve of the War (Remix 95)
Jeff Wayne - War of the Worlds - Sony
Sleepless (Dance Mix)
King Crimson - < Single > - E'G
Dance After Curfew (Club Mix)
Nash the Slash - < Single > - Cut-Throat Canadian
Guilty (Extended Version)
Mike Oldfield - < Single > - Virgin
- I Feel Love
Kingston Wall - II - Zen Gar Den
-- set break --
Anonymus Two
Focus - Focus III - Sire
Quartum Frénésie; Fondation, Trépanation, Portuaire Vermeil, Armada
Pangée - Hymnemonde - independent Canadian
Georgia Straight
Jim Meyer - Watercolour - Independent Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Elorious Cain
Very thoughtful Mark! This is a hell of a compliment,

10:20 PM, July 11th, 2019