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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday June 20th, 2019 with mark
Music from Argentina. Flag Day in the Argentine Republic so tracks from Bubu, Mia, Crucis, Alas, Arco-Iris, Cucamonga, Los Natas

Hong Kong Blindfold
Distinguished Panel of Experts - Trans-Indulgent - Luna Negra Canadian
Music from Argentina:
Bubu: a return after 40 years.
Mia: (Independent Musicians Associated ) their 3rd release Cornonstipicum in 1978 is considered as a classic in progressive rock
Crucis: released 2 albums in 1976, plus a few live releases. This is from their 1st self-titled studio release
Cielo negro
Bubu - El eco del sol - Viajero Inmovil
Mia - Cornonstipicum - Ciclo 3 ‎
Recluso Artista
Crucis - Crucis - Sunny Pierrot
-- set break --
Alas: releasing a number of albums over the years, but all with multi-instrumentalist Gustavo Moretto as the common thread. This is from the 1st from 1978
Arco Iris: Originally formed in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1968 - Disbanded in 1975 - Reformed in 1977 - Disbanded in 2003. This track from self-titled 1977 release.
Cucamonga: Only release from this RIO group released in 2012
Los Natas: some heavy psych to end the show
Buenos Aires Sólo
Alas - Alas - EMI
Arco Iris - Arco Iris - Serie Collectors
Cucamonga - Alter Huevo - Altrock
Que Rico
Los Natas - Toba Trance - Ektro
Interactive CKCU