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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday August 30th, 2018 with mark
More new stuff : The Necks Thumbscrew, Vespero & Angel Ontalva, Föllakzoid feat. J. Spaceman

This week more new releases including guitarist Mary Halvorson's latest pair of releases Theirs (covers) and Ours (original tunes), the partnership of the guitarist for Spain's October Equus, Angel Ontalva and the Russian space rock combo Vespero, and another partnership with Chilean trance/psych duo Follakzoid and J. Spaceman of Spaceman 3. The flagship of the show though will be the latest from the Australian trio The Necks. Their latest and 20th release is called The Body and remains in The Necks style in that it is a very long track that invites the listener to travel with the band on an audio journey.
Snarling Joys
Thumbscrew - Ours - Cuneiform Canadian New
Horrenda Charybdis Near Lofoten
Vespero & Angel Ontalva - Sea Orm Liventure - OctoberXart Records New
Föllakzoid feat. J. Spaceman - London Sessions - Sacred Bones Records New
-- set break --
The Body
The Necks - The Body - Northern Spy New
Thumbscrew - Theirs - Cuneiform Canadian New
Interactive CKCU