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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday August 16th, 2018 with mark
Some new releases and not so new releases. New releases include Xavi Reija( feat. Tony Levin-Markus Reuter-Dusan Jevtovic), Dwiki Dharmawan, and local electronic artist Troy No. Other tracks will include Heldon, Pochakaite Malko, Heavy Moon, Motorpsycho

The Sound Of The Earth II
Xavi Reija - The Sound Of The Earth - Moonjune New
Rintak Rebana
Dwiki Dharmawan - Rumah Batu - MoonJune New
Mikrokosmos 78-Five Tone Scale
Dialeto - Live - Moonjune New
-- set break --
Troy No - To Be Predetermined - Independent Canadian New
Perspective III (Baader-Meinhof Blues)
Heldon - Heldon IV- Agneta Nilsson - Cuneiform
Cosmos Embryos
Heavy Moon - Heavy Moon 12 - Independent Canadian
-- set break --
Into The Gyre
Motorpsycho - The Death Defying Unicorn - Rune Grammofon
Cristao-Peasants' Revolt
Pochakaite Malko - Laya - Tutinoko
Nathanaël Larochette - Earth and Sky - Independent Canadian
Interactive CKCU