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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday May 10th, 2018 with mark
hey it's not snowing.... exploratory sounds of not wearing winter clothing...

Background music Altus - The Time Collection Part 2
Future Nights
Paul Schütze & Phantom City - Site Anubis - Big Cat records
Hughscore - Delta Flora - Cuneiform
invisible one
Bill Laswell, Raoul Bjorkenheim, Morgan Agren - Blixt - Cuneiform
-- set break --
Raggamuffin (the New Reggae)
Absent Sound - It's All True - no list records Canadian
Thomas Carbou Patrick Graham - Impluse - Independent Canadian
Dangerous Summer
M. Mucci - Dangerous Summer - Independent Canadian
Shalabi Effect - Pink Abyss - Alien8 Canadian
Gravity Waltz
Opusculus - Resonant - Independent Canadian
-- set break --
Vespero - Shum-Shir - Vespero
Saturn, Lord of the Ring-Mercury, the Winged Messenger
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Solar Fire - Bronze
Lift Off
Secret Saucer - Nachvollzienchens - Salad Farm Studio
Interactive CKCU