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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday March 15th, 2018 with mark
Hungarian National Holiday. Tracks from a few fav's from Hungary including After Crying, Solaris, and Korai Öröm

Infinite Ceiling Theme
David Murphy - <single> - Independent Canadian
Marsbéli Krónikák (The Martian Chronicles)
Solaris - Marsbéli Krónikák (The Martian Chronicles) - Belle Antique
A Boy's Life
Camel - A Nod and a Wink - Camel Productions Canadian
-- set break --
"96" The crowning of Arpad as first king marked the beginning of the Hungarian state in 896. Budapest’s metro was built on the country’s millennial anniversary in 1896. By law, buildings in Budapest must not exceed 96 feet. The Hungarian national anthem should be sung in 96 seconds.
Part 4
Korai Öröm - '96 - Independent
Specimen 13 - echosystem - Independent Canadian
amazed by beauty
heon - electro-acoustic requiem - Unicorn Canadian
Les Courbes Sanglantes Entendues de l'Organe Trop Uraíment Halluciné
Et Sans - Par Noussss Touss Les Trous de Vos Cranes - alien8 Canadian
-- set break --

The Gyermekvasut Railway that runs through Buda hills between Széchenyi Hill and Hűvösvölgy stations is run almost exclusively by 10-14 year-olds from local schools who make up the ticket sellers and conductors, man the switch points and sell station memorabilia.
After Crying - De Profundis - Periferic
Apocalypse Beach
The Night Watch - The Night Watch - Independent Canadian
Interactive CKCU