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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday February 8th, 2018 with mark
Black History Month: tracks from Djam Karet, Osibisa, Toubabou, Stanley Clarke, Tony Williams Lifetime, David Torn-Vernon Reid-Elliott Sharp, Sonny Sharrock-Nicky Skopelitis, Billy Cobham, Wally Badarou

Infinite Ceiling Theme
David Murphy - <single> - Independent Canadian
Mike Henderson: Mike Henderson is part of the progressive instrumental group Djam Karet formed in 1986 in Topanga California. Long spacey twin guitar improvisations were the calling card of this quartet who have now released 20 albums in the past 30 years with Henderson releasing 2 solo albums as well.
Grooming the Psychosis
Djam Karet - Burning the Hard City - HC
Osibisa: Afrobeat group from the U.K. founded by Caribbean and African ex-pats living in London in 1969. The release of their first self/titled album proved to be very popular and paved the way for more "world music" to be recorded and marketed. The group is generally included in the progressive rock genre not only because it was "progressive" at the time, but also due to the cover art for the first two Osibisa releases which were created by Roger Dean who's art would soon become synonymous with progressive rock. The flying elephant depicted on the covers remains the band's logo to this day. The album was also produced by Tony Visconti formally of the Strawbs and producer for David Bowie, T-Rex and others.
The Dawn
Osibisa - Osibisa - Decca
Toubabou : Founded by members of the Ville-Emard Blues Band for an event in Quebec City in 1974 the final group included other members of VEBB as well as numerous musicians from Africa, including Doudou N'Daiye Rose of Senegal. Doudou N'Daiye Rose "the recognized modern master of Senegal's traditional drum, the sabar. He was the father of a musical dynasty that includes some of the most successful traditional musicians of contemporary West Africa.He was one of the first musicians to bring Senegalese traditional music to the attention of the world." - Wikipedia . The Event was recorded and released as the album Le Blé at le Mil, which has since been released on the Progquebec record label as a compilation with the studio release from the next year.
Doudou N'Diaye et ses rosettes
Toubabou - Toubabou (Le Blé at le Mil) - Progquebec Canadian
-- set break --
Stanley Clarke: Born in Philadelphia in 1951, where he attended music school there and after graduating with the intent of becoming the first black musician in the Philadelphia Orchestra. However he moved to NYC for work and after meeting Chick Corea joined Return to Forever in 1973 bringing the bass guitar and bass guitar techniques into more prominence including its use as a solo instrument.
Life Suite
Stanley Clarke - Stanley Clarke - Epic
Tony Williams: Born in Chicago, raised in Boston Tony came into prominence as the drummer for Miles Davis from 1963-1969. The first Lifetime group consitsting of John McLaughlin and Larry Young (a.k.a. Khalid Yasin) on organ was essentially a power trio and snubbed by the jazz world because of the rock aspect. Today however it is looked at as one the first real fusion releases. "shattered the boundaries between jazz and rock" with its "dense, adventurous, unpredictable soundscapes" - Leo Stanley (Allmusic)
Tony Williams Lifetime - Emergency! - Verve
Best known as the guitarist for the all-black double platinum rock group Living Colour. Reid came into prominence working with Ronald Shannon Jackson and Bill Frisell. The track chosen here is a Reid composition from the one-shot GTR OBLQ featuring Reid as well as David Torn and Elliott Sharp.
David Torn-Vernon Reid-Elliott Sharp - GTR OBLQ - knitting factory records
-- set break --

Sonny Sharrock: One the pioneers of guitar in free jazz in the 60's recording with numerous artists including Don Cherry, Miles Davis, Herbie Mann, and Pharoah Sanders as well recording solo releases with his wife. Sharrock left the scene for a number of years before being urged out of retirement by Bill Laswell recording a number of solo releases and Last Exit w. Peter Brotzmann, Ronald Shannon Jackson, and Laswell.
Who Are You
Sonny Sharrock-Nicky Skopelitis - Faith Moves - CMP
Billy Cobham: Born in Colón, Panama, in 1944 Cobham moved with his family at age three to Brooklyn, New York. After a tour of service he joined Horace Silver's quintet. He was one of the first to employ an early model Tama electric drum kit. He was a session drummer for Atlantic, CTI Records, and Kudu Records and then joined Miles Davis for Bitches Brew and Jack Johnson. He and John Mclaughlin left Miles Davis to form The Mahavishu Orchestra where he would become the influence for many drummers around the world. His first solo release (Spectrum) charted to No. 1 in the jazz charts and No. 26 over-all. For the drummers out ther, he was one of the first to use open-handed drumming, which involves not crossing the hands when playing the hi-hat and snare drum simultaneously as opposed to the more traditional way of playing drums which features crossed hands as the basic playing position.
Billy Cobham - Crosswinds - Wounded Bird
Waliou Jacques Daniel Isheola "Wally" Badarou was born in 1955 in the French west African nation of Benin. Badarou has long been associated with the group Level 42 as an un-official member including writing credits and was essentially the house keyboard player for Island Records performing on many releases and also a producer for Fela Kuti, Salif Keita, and Trilok Gurtu. He has two solo recordings Echoes (1983) and Words Of A Mountain (1989). Wally was one of early users and composers on the Synclavier. Words Of A Mountain is believed to be one of the first fully tapeless recordings helping pave the way for the current home digital studio.
MT. Fuji and the Mime
Wally Badarou - Words of a Mountain - Island
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Frank Smith
Great show Mark! Who Are You is sublime.

9:43 PM, February 8th, 2018
Mark Keill (host)
Hey Frank. Thanks for tuning in. Yes it is a wonderful track. Btw good to see all the positive vibes on your new release

9:50 PM, February 8th, 2018
Mark Keill (host)
oh Frank.. stay tuned for the next show

9:56 PM, February 8th, 2018
Dave Aardvark (host)
excellent Mark thank you!

10:49 AM, February 10th, 2018