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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday December 14th, 2017 with mark
Intl. Monkey Day : Coldest day of the season so it's songs about monkeys. Tracks from Djam Karet, Tony Levin-David Torn-Alan White, KTU, Sylvain-Fripp, Mick Karn, La Nouvelle Frontier, Interference Sardines, Art Bears, Laughing Clowns and more

Infinite Ceiling Theme
David Murphy - <single> - independent Canadian
Fall of the Monkeywalk
Djam Karet - Refelctions From the Firepool - Djam Karet
Monkey Mind
Tony Levin-David Torn-Alan White - Levin Torn White - Lazy Bones
KTU - KTU - 8 Armed Monkey - Rockadillo
God's Monkey
Sylvian-Fripp - Damage - Virgin
Venus Monkey
Mick Karn - Each Eye a Path - Medium
-- set break --
Funky Monkey
La Nouvelle Frontier - La Nouvelle Frontiere - Gamma Canadian
Maguila le Gorille
Interference Sardines - Zucchini - DAME Canadian
Sleep Is Wrong
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Grand Opening and Closing - chaosophy
Rats and Monkeys
The Art Bears - Winter Songs - ReR
Monkey See Monkey Do
Laughing Clowns - Cruel, But Fair - Hot
Year of the Monkey
Fred Frith - Gravity - Fred
-- set break --
Monkey Dance
Ekseption - Originals
Chimps in Space
Helmet of Gnats - Helmet of Gnats - Ambient Records
The Main Monkey Business
Rush - Snakes and Arrows - Atlantic Canadian
Interactive CKCU