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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday November 9th, 2017 with mark
Shut Up "N Play Some Guitar - A guitar evening with tracks from Frank Zappa, Corrie van Binsbergen, Andy Summers, The Flaps, Stephen Nikleva, Marc Ribot, Elliot Randall, Jukka Tolonen, Chad Wackerman (allan Holdsworth), Regals, Nels Cline

HUGE!!!! thanks to all those to donated to CKCU and to Infinite Ceiling.
Infinite Ceiling Theme
Dave Murphy - <single> - Independent Canadian
Such a great response to Infinite Ceiling.. I again am humbled by the response, however with funding drive over I also feel better than James Brown
I Feel Better Than James Brown
Was Not Was - Are You Okay? - Fontana
Shut Up "N Play Yer Guitar
Frank Zappa - Shut Up "N Play Yer Guitar - Ryko
I Wasn't Talking
Corrie van Binsbergen - Corrie en de Grote Broken - Independent
Monk Hangs Ten
Andy Summers - Synaesthesia - CMP
The Flaps - Again - Kelp Canadian
The Quiet Surf
Stephen Nikleva - Square Moon - Northern Electric Sound Canadian
Marc Ribot - Asmodeus: Book of Angels Volume 7 - Tzadij
-- setbreak --
Sour Flower
Elliot Randall - Randall's Island - independent
Aurora Borealis
Jukka Tolonen - The Hook - Love
Holiday Insane
Chad Wackerman - 40 Reasons - CMP
As We Used To Sing
Sonny Sharrock - Ask The Ages - Axiom
-- set break --
At Most Spheric
Regals - Double Duo Sessions - Independent Canadian
Cause for Concern
The Nels Cline Singers - Instrumentals - Cryptogramophone
Interactive CKCU
Mike P.
10 dollars man. CKCU makes me feel like James Brown do. I owes millions now. getting on the ?, yes, on line contribution need ckcu right now.

9:21 PM, November 9th, 2017
Mark Keill (host)
indeed.. thanks for the support

9:26 PM, November 9th, 2017