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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday May 4th, 2017 with mark
Miriodor: A look at their 30+ year recording career including their latest Signal 9

Formed originally in Quebec City in 1980 by the duo of Pascal Globensky (keyboards) and François Émond (violin, flute, keyboards, clarinet) the band quickly expanded to a sextet adding Rémi Leclerc (percussion), Sabin Hudon (saxophones), Denis Robitaille (guitar, bass, vocals) and Marc Petitclerc (keyboards). The first LP was self-released in 1984 (released in CD format by Cuneiform records in 1998). "...a perfect marriage between the more chamber oriented sounds of Univers Zero...and the more symphonic, woodwind-oriented sound of bands like Happy The Man and VDGG." – Exposé Shortly thereafter the quartet of Pascal Globensky, François Émond, Rémi Leclerc and Sabin Hudon made the move to Montréal becoming a trio in 1987 with the departure of François and their first release in 1988 on Cuneiform records with whom they have remained since that time. In 1993 guitarist Bernard Falaise was added to the line-up to be followed a few years later by Nicolas Masino (bass, keys) and Marie-Chantal Leclair (saxophones). By 2011 Miriodor were back to being a trio (Falaise, Globensky and Leclerc), but the addition of Nicolas Lessard on bass and keys returned them into the quartet format. "rock-oriented post-modern chamber music, with definite humorous overtones." - Bass player Nicolas Masino
Miriodor - Signal 9 - Cuneiform Canadian New
Infinite Ceiling Theme
Dave Murphy - <single> - independent Canadian
Échec et Mat [Checkmate]
Miriodor - rencontres - Cuneiform Canadian
Miriodor - Miriodor - Cuneiform Canadian
Miriodor - Miriodor - Cuneiform Canadian
Miriodor - Live 89 - Progquebec Canadian
Miriodor - 3è Avertissement / 3rd Warning - Cuneiform Canadian
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Le Lanceur de Couteax [The Knife Thrower]
Miriodor - Jongleries Élastiques - Cuneiform Canadian
La Célèbre Boucle (the Famous Loop)/ Le Règne des Termites (Bugs)
Miriodor - Mekano - Cuneiform Canadian
Igor, I'ours à Moto (Igor, the Motorbike Bear)
Miriodor - Live at NEARfest - Nearfest Records Canadian
Miriodor - Parade - Cuneiform Canadian
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Miriodor - Avanti! - Cuneiform Canadian
Miriodor - Cobra Fakir - Cuneiform Canadian
Chapelle lunaire
Miriodor - Signal 9 - Cuneiform Canadian New
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Butterflies & Zebras, Choops Mcwilliam‎, Outis, Banjo Scruffs Tomorrow night ( May 5) at The Avant Garde
India Minor
Butterflies & Zebras - Butterflies & Zebras - independent Canadian
U. Srinivas & Michael Brook - Dream Canadian
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