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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday November 10th, 2016 with mark k
New, new to me, newish and not even remotely new

Infinite Ceiling Theme
Dave Murphy - <single> - independent Canadian
Every Day is a Beautiful Day
Murray McNabb Group - Every Day is a Beautiful Day - sarang bang
March of the Megalomaniacs
Leech - If we get there one day, would you please open the gates - independent
Vent et marées
Thomas Carbou Patrick Graham - Impluse - AdLiteram Canadian New
Coma Berenices
Maat Lander - The Birth Of Maats Galaxy - R.A.I.G.
Pictures of a City
King Crimson - In the Wake of Poseidon - E'G
Deus Ex Machina - Devoto - Cuneiform
The Sushi Bar
Happy Family - Toscco - Cuneiform
Paa Gata
Atlas - Bia Vardag - APM
Interactive CKCU