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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday October 20th, 2016 with mark k
'twas the night before funding drive

Infinite Ceiling Theme
Dave Murphy - <single> - Independent Canadian
Kung Bore
Änglagård - Hybris - Mellotronen
Boatalone (We're Not Sailing in This...)
Mahogany Frog - vs. Mabus - Independent Canadian
Electric Blue
Volker Kriegel & Friends - Lift! - MPS
An Aeriel Architect
Hypnos 69 - Legacy - Elektrohasch
The Bender
Gong - Time Is the Key - Arista
Of Age
Dean Watson - Imposing Elements - Independent Canadian
Travis Larson Band - Shift Happens - Precision Records
D.F.A. - Kaleidoscope - Moonjune
The Apocalypso
National Health - Complete - East Side Digital
Sindran Rastafan
Hidria Spacefolk - HDRSF-1 - Independent
Interactive CKCU