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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday August 25th, 2016 with mark
Finnish 70's radio archival releases, round two

This week round two, but only one part, in the series of 70's Finnish progressive rock and jazz archival radio recordings released on the Finnish independent record company Svart. The second set of these archival recordings have been released. The concerts were recorded at the YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company) Liisankatu studios in Helsinki and are being released on vinyl and CD (the CD releases are 2 on 1 and the LPs are single titles). Many of the group line-ups have no other releases and most of the recordings have never been released..
Infinite Ceiling Theme
Dave Murphy - <single> - Independent Canadian
Jukka Hauru and Nono Soderberg recorded live in the studio Dec. 15, 1976
Gunther Angst, Parts 1-6
Jukka Haura - Pop-Liisa 5 - Svart
Nono Soderberg - Pop-Liisa 5 - Svart
Nono Soderberg - Pop Liisa 5 - Svart
-- set break --

Finnforest recorded live in studio Feb. 23, 1977
Odd Tale
Finnforest - Pop-Liisa 6 - Svart
Finnforest - Pop-Liisa 6 - Svart
Myrskya Pakoon
Kalevala - Pop-Liisa 7 - Svart
-- set break --
Verkossa-In The Net
Kalevala - Pop-Liisa 7 - Svart
Pessimistinen Dialogi
Nimbus - Pop-Liisa 8 - Svart
Interactive CKCU