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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday June 30th, 2016 with mark k
It's a Canadian Day..

Holiday Weekend
Infinite Ceiling Theme
Dave Murphy - <single>
RIP Bernie Worrell 1944-2016
Bernie Worrell - Pieces of Woo-The Other Side - CMP
Ad Hoc
Sloche - Stadaconé - ProgQuebec Canadian
Guy Leblanc - Subversia - Mahl Canadian
Rain, Trane and Afterwards
Claire Lawrence - Leaving You Free - Haida Canadian
Punkeydoodles Corners
Stretch Orchestra - Stretch Orchestra - Independent Canadian
C 'est Toi?
Sortie - Sortie - Justin Time Records Canadian
Bernard Falaise - Clic - Ambiiances Magnétiques Canadian
Oceanic - Oceanic - Independent Canadian
Saffron Myst
Mahogany Frog - Senna - Moonjune Canadian
Interactive CKCU