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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday December 24th, 2015 with mark k
Hey Santa.. pass us that bottle will ya

Infinite Ceiling Theme
Dave Murphy - <single> - independent Canadian
Mike Oldfield - Incantations - Virgin
Histoires sans Paroles
Harmonium - Si on avait besiond'une cinqieme saison - Polygram Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Sean McFee (host)
So nice to hear Incantations on my drive home... Merry Christmas to you and yours, Mark.

9:34 PM, December 24th, 2015
Mark Keill (host)
Happy to make motoring more pleasant .. and besy of the holidays to you as well

9:38 PM, December 24th, 2015
Mark Keill (host)
well that would be best...

9:40 PM, December 24th, 2015
Sean McFee (host)

9:41 PM, December 24th, 2015