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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday May 21st, 2015 with mark k
Zuehl, zeuhl and more zeuhl

Zeuhl is the Kobian word for celestial
Infinite Ceiling Theme
Dave Murphy - <single> - independent Canadian
Tracks featuring current and past members of Magma
Missing Emperator
One Shot - Live in Tokyo - Soleil Zeuhl
Weidorje - Weidorje - Musea
Epithecantropus Erectus
Jannick Top - Soleil d'ork - Utopic
-- set break --

Zeuhl from around the world starting w. the amazing Japanese group Koenji Hyakkei led by all-world drummer Yoshida Tatsuya
Tziidall Raszhisst
Koenji Hyakkei - Angherr Shisspa - Skin Graft
Corima are a 5 piece band working out of Texas
Corima - Quetzalcoatl - Soleil Zeuhl
Simon Steensland is a Swedish bass player/composer who has released 8 albums since the mid nineties
The Return of Instant Jesus
Simon Steensland's Kamikaze United - Live Gang-Gang - UAE
Kultivator - Barndomen's Stigar - APM
Universal Totem Orchestra is an Italian band from the band Runaway Totem. They have two releases to date, Rituale Alieno from 1999 and The Magus from 2008
Vento Madre
Universal Totem Orchestra - The Magus
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