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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday April 16th, 2015 with mark k
Ends and odds

Infinite Ceiling theme
Dave Murphy - <single> - independent Canadian
Fear of a Blank Planet ( instrumental)
Porcupine Tree - Fear of a Blank Planet - Hands Off It’s Mine Publishing
King Crimson - EleKtriK - Discipline Global Mobile
Belle Orchestre - As Seen Through Windows - Arts & Crafts Canadian
Side Two
Baku Llama - Eris - 57 Records
This Moves Like Water
Midcoast - Steps - independent Canadian
Paa Gata (In The Street)
Atlas - Bla Vardag - APM
Sydämesi suljettu yrttitarha
manogurgeil - unirytmeja - independent
After Crying - De Profundis - Perifieric
Curse of the North
Trioscapes - Separate Realities - Metal Blade
Interactive CKCU
Thank you for playing Baku Llama! On apr 16!!

9:05 AM, May 13th, 2015