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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday March 5th, 2015 with mark k
Colosseum, Tangerine Dream, Gryphon, FM

More side-long tracks with a doff of the cap to Colosseum calling it a career this week and Edgar Froese who passed away in January
Infinite Ceiling Theme
Dave Murphy - <single> - independent Canadian
Formed in September 1968 by drummer Jon Hiseman, tenor sax player Dick Heckstall-Smith and bass player Tony Reeves ( from John Mayall's Bluesbreakers) and David Greenslade on hammond. Valentyne Suite (1969) was the first release from the Vertigo label and reached #15 in the UK charts. Colosseum Live was recorded at Manchester University (March 18, 1971)[2] and the Big Apple, Brighton (March 27, 1971). The band broke up the first time after the release of Live
Valentyne Suite
Colosseum - Valentyne Suite - Bronze
Lost Angeles
Colosseum - Live - Sequel
Recorded 1973 but only released in 1986 Green Desert features Edgar Froese and Christopher Franke as a duo and is the last TD release to feature Franke on drums.
Green Desert
Tangerine Dream - Green Desert - Jive Records
1974 release. The original music was commissioned for a major stage production of Shakespeare's The Tempest at Britain's National Theatre. It opened at the historic Old Vic Theatre in April 1974. The music the band wrote and recorded for the stage production inspired the 21-minute "Midnight Mushrumps" (named after a phrase mentioned in The Tempest). Following the successful premiere of the play and acclaim for its music, Lewis arranged for Gryphon to give a Sunday evening concert at the Old Vic in July 1974 - the first-ever and to date only rock concert held at Britain's National Theatre.
Midnight Mushrumps
Gryphon - Midnight Mushrumps - Transatlantic
Second release from FM released in May 1978. It was the first FM album to feature Ben Mink.

"The album was made using the direct to disc recording method, in which recording tape is not used. This method requires that the group perform two 15-minute sides live in the studio with no overdubs. The recording is mixed live and transcribed to the master disc as it is being performed." - wiki
Head Room
FM - Direct to Disc - Esoteric Canadian