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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday May 8th, 2014 with mark
kinda sorta trios

Themeless the mostly bands with no guitar, mostly trios, mostly not show
Infinite Ceiling Theme
Dave Murphy - <single> - independent Canadian
Blast Off
Trioscapes - - Separate Realities - Metal Blade
The Enemy Of My Enemy
Eccentric Orbit - Attack Of The Martians - independent
Silly Whim
Far Corner - Far Corner - Cuneiform
Cacao Chaos
Claude St-Jean & Les Projectionnistes - Copie Zéro - DAME Canadian
KTU - Quiver - 7D Media
Comic con section of the program. 3 tracks featuring album covers drawn by artists appearing at this weekends con
Cover artist Glenn Fabry
Into the Pit
Mach One - Lost for Words - Granite Bap
Cover artist Simon Bisley
Lupus Occasus
Last House on the Left - Among Flies - Siege Of Amida Records ‎
Cover artist Neal Adams
The Grey Maze
The Groundhogs - Who Will Save The World? - United Artists
another chat section
STS - Systeme Solaire - GT Productions
Amygdala - Amygdala - Soleil Zeuhl
Gargantua - kotegarda - Roadkill Music
Ethno Funk
Tohpati Ethnomission - Save the Planet - Moonjune
Morphine - Cure for Pain - Ryko
Interactive CKCU
Sean McFee (host)
This is superior to Hockey Night in Canada commentary.

8:41 PM, May 8th, 2014
Mark Keill (host)
I would like to say a big hello to all you hospital patients and shut-ins

8:43 PM, May 8th, 2014
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