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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday January 17th, 2013 with Mark and Sean
Montreux Jazz Festival

Tribute to Funky Claude
Infinite Ceiling Theme
Dave Murphy - < single > - independent Canadian
Montreux Boogie
Jukka Tolonen Band - Montreux Boogie - Sonet
Smile of the Beyond
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Montreux (DVD) - Eagle Eye
Transitory / Skydancer
Jan Akkerman - Live - Atlantic
No Lullaby
Jethro Tull - Bursting Out - Chrysalis
Mike Oldfield - Live at Montreux 1981
Richard's Tune
Don Pullen - Montreux Concert - Atlantic
Dopes on the Water
Nash the Slash - Children of the Night - Cut-Throat Canadian