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Literary Landscape
Thursday January 4th, 2018 with Pearl Pirie
Best of 2017

A focus on the poetry collections that most struck me over last year.
Natalie Hanna - Dark Ecologies - above/ground Canadian New
Lest I Should Be Exalted Above Measure
Hannah Main-Van der Kamp - According to Loon Bay - St. Thomas Canadian
Reasons for Learning Cursive
Micheline Maylor - Little Wildheart - U of A Canadian
It's Saturday. I meet you, get soft
Aisha Sasha John - I have to Live - M&C Canadian
That Once We Scratched and Won a Giant Bag of Rice Together
Tara-Michele Ziniuk - Whatever, Iceberg - Mansfield Canadian
Handling the Fragile
Deonte Osayande - Class - Urban Farmhouse
Marilyn Irwin - north - above/ground
Geoffrey Young - Thirty-Three - above/ground
Svetlana Lilova - Metaphysical Dictionary - Dumagrad
Interactive CKCU