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Literary Landscape
Thursday November 27th, 2014 with Pearl Pirie
People of Meet the Presses & Best Canadian Anthology

Audio clips from the field of poetry including Jess Taylor of Meet the Presses, Heidi Waechtler of Coach House, David McNamara of Sunnyoutside, Gary Barwin of Serif of Nottingham, Nicole William and Brewer Kemp of Words (on) Pages, Nick Power of Gesture Press, Stuart Ross of Mansfield Press, Maureen Hynes from Pedlar and sounds from the Best of Canadian Poetry Launch with Molly Peacock, Sonnet L'Abbé, and poem bits from Nick Thran and Moez Surani.
it was not in parks that I learned humility
Sarah Burgoyne - Love the Sacred Raisin Cakes - baseline press Canadian New
Battered Civilization
Jan Conn - The Best Canadian Poetry 2014 - Tightrope Canadian New