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Literary Landscape
Thursday February 6th, 2014 with Dave Currie
Death Match & Valentines

Tonight on the show Dave Currie and Brandon Wint talk about The Artistic Showcase and his upcoming Valentine's Day Workshop and a reading he's doing at a curling rink and nothing else. Then Craig Calhoun and Martyn Bryant put down their guns and talk to each other like people. Unremarkable right? The thing is they are sworn enemies currently in a winner takes all competition to acquire a literary agent and a sit down meeting with people from a midsize Canadian press: the Broken Pencil Deathmatch. They both have armies of friends, family and fans voting for them "no more than" once an hour. They both have staunch defenders and take down artists. They both - you get the idea...
The Idiot Without A Coat On
Craig Calhoun - Deathmatch - Broken Pencil