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Janis Lockwood
Thursday August 24th, 2017 with Janis Lockwood

Cesaria Evora - Marazul
Iwa Kariis
Raul Barboza - Raul Barboza
Mi Refugio
Astor Piazzola - Tangos From Argentina Vol. 2
Unsung Heros
Bill Frisell Band - Where In The World
The Mike Essoudry Octet - Passage Canadian
Meech Lake
Megan Jerome Together Ensemble - Together Ensemble Canadian
Poor, Poor Mr. Bell
The Great Uncles of The Revolution - Blow The House Down Canadian
Karachi Burning
Kobo Town - Where The Galleon Sank Canadian
Super Djata
Zani Diabate - Africa On Mango
Kakhuri Mravaljamieri
The Tsindali Choir - Table Songs Of Georgia
The Last Mile Of The Way
The Soul Stirrers - The Last Mile Of The Way
One Mint Julep
The Clovers - The Best Of The Clovers
The Darkroom At The School
Oh Susanna - A Girl In Teen City Canadian New
Did I Say I'm Sorry
Stacey Earle - Dancin' With Them That Brung Me
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