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Janis Lockwood
Thursday December 1st, 2016 with Renny
Pretty big shoes to fill. Jamming like Janis. Renny attempts an old school, generalissimo music show that offers an eclectic musical assortment.

Jazz, country, blues, soul, funk, rock and punk.
Cookie Man
Look People - Stop Making Cheese - AMOK Records Canadian
All You Fascists Bound To Lose ('99)
Billy Bragg & The Blokes - Must I Paint You A Picture?: The Essential Billy Bragg - Outside Music, '03
Stevie Wonder - Motown 45 - Motown Records, '72
Good Time Station
Heaven's Radio - Active - Posterity Records, '78 Canadian
The Look People were a Toronto band released on a local label, AMOK Records. Stop Making Cheese, the bands first release was recorded in Switzerland in 1986. Children love this song for obvious reasons.

Billy Bragg & The Blokes, recorded during the Mermaid Avenue Tour in 1999 and sold by mail-order. this song is based on a Woody Guthrie song from 1942. An appropriate song considering the rise of xenophobia and the extreme right in the Western world.

Heaven's Radio recorded live in a local bar called The Black Swan. Heaven's Radio was one of Ottawa's best bands in the late Seventies. They were a very eclectic band that played blues, reggae, soul and more.
This next song is about Castro, a dictator yes, but also a man that led his country out of illiteracy and poverty. Cuba was one of the poorest countries in the Western hemisphere, owned by American fruit and sugar companies and the mafia and run by another dictator.

Ned Landry was a Canadian fiddle player from New Brunswick who used to play on Don Messer's Jubilee.

Cuban Getaway a.k.a. Bayou Rock, is from Ike Turners career before Tina, recorded in 1955 and released on the Flair Records label.
Castro Rock
The Country Rockers - Free Range Chicken - Telstar Records, '92
Hillbilly Calypso
Ned Landry - More Ned Landry Fiddle Favorites - Arc Records, '6? Canadian
Cuban Getaway (Bayou Rock) {Flair, '55}
Ike Turner & His Orchestra - That Cat Sure Could Play - Secret Records Limited, '10
The end of the American embargo on Cuba is a wonderful thing for Cuba but not so great for Canadians. Wasn't one of the reasons that Cuba was appealing to Canadians was because there were no Americans there?

The great jazz pianist and vocalist, Mose Allison died two weeks ago on November 15, aged 89. This is one of his best known songs, as relevant today as when it was recorded in 1962. I'd like to dedicate this song to President Elect Donald Chump.
Your Mind Is On Vacation (Atlantic, '62)
Mose Allison - I Don't Worry About A Thing - Rhino Records, '93
I'm Mad (Chess, '53)
Willie Mabon - Willies Blues: The Greatest Hits 1952-1957 - Jasmine Records, '13
Workin' At The Woolco (Manager Trainee Blues)
Buddy &The Boys - Buddy - Shagrock Records, '77 Canadian
I was lucky enough to see Mose Allison at the Cock & Lion, at the Chateau Laurier in the early Eighties. It was FREE!

Willie Mabon recorded for the Chicago based blues label, Chess Records, during the Fifities. I'm Mad was a Number One R&B hit in 1953.

Buddy & The Boys were a rock band from Cape Breton Island in the late Seventies. Buddy was a essentially a rock opera about leaving Cape Breton to find success and returning home.

Janis played the original version of this Leonard Cohen song last week. This cover version is by a band originally from Halifax, the Jellyfishbabies. The Jellyfishbabies moved to Toronto in the late Eighties. This single is produced by guitarist Mark Carmody.

The Saints single I'm Stranded was the first punk rock single to be released outside of America. Their first album I'm Standed was recorded in two days. Malcolm McLaren's son just burn 8.4 million dollars of punk memorabilia, saying punk was never meant to be nostalgic. A jerk just like his father was.
Famous Blue Raincoat
Jellyfishbabies - 45 - Supersnazz Records, '89 Canadian
Messin' With The Kid
The Saints - I'm Stranded - EMI Records Australia, '77
Like A Hurricane was recorded by Neil Young & Crazy Horse while they were rehearsing for the Northern California Bar Tour in 1977. It was released on American Bars 'n Stars. This recording comes from the Neil Young collection Decade.
Like A Hurricane
Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Decade (originally released on American Stars 'n Bars) - Reprise/Warner Bros. Records, '77 Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Renny Godier (host)
Thanks to Joe Reilly of the Guest List for letting Neil Young's rather long song play on.

10:19 AM, December 7th, 2016
Finally listened to the show! Way to go pulling a theme together....very eclectic choices. Of course, I'm a bit boring - I love the Billy Bragg choice, classic Stevie, the cover of Famous Blue Rain Coat...but of course my favourite was Like a Hurricane!!!! Renny, great "patter" on all the songs. HIGH FIVE on all your political commentary!

8:19 PM, December 13th, 2016