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Janis Lockwood
Thursday July 24th, 2014 with Janis Lockwood
Borealis Records

Borealis Records made a commitment to recording Canadian artists who fit inside the broadly-defined folk tradition, and they have succeeded handsomely in that endeavour. Recently, Bill Garrett of Borealis Records stepped up to the plate to organize a benefit for the Ottawa Folklore Centre, which has found itself in financial difficulties. The benefit is next Thursday, July 31, at 7:30 pm and response has been so positive that the venue has been changed in order to accommodate a bigger crowd. Originally planned for the Sunnyside Wesleyan Church, it has been moved to the larger Southminster United Church on Bank Street at Alymer. Tickets are $25, available at the Ottawa Folklore Centre. This benefit is a great example of artists helping other artists. What goes around, comes around. Today's show salutes Bill Garrett of Borealis Records for his efforts on behalf of the Ottawa Folklore Centre, featuring a few of the many artists found on the Borealis label.
Stone + Sand + Sea + Sky
Penny Lang - Stone + Sand + Sea + Sky - Borealis Records Canadian
Field of Stars
Oliver Schroer - Camino - Borealis Records Canadian
The Bills - Let 'Em Run - Borealis Records Canadian
Winin' Boy Blues
Scarlett, Washington, Whitely - We'll Meet Again - Borealis Records Canadian
The Coo Coo
Michael Jerome Browne and the Twin Rivers String Band - Michael Jerome Browne and the Twin Rivers String Band - Borealis Records Canadian
Cage Fighter
Jon Brooks - Delicate Cages - Borealis Records Canadian
My Father Would Say
Terry Tufts - Walk On - Borealis Records Canadian
The Man From Eldorado
David Parry - The Man From Eldorado - Borealis Records Canadian
What Goes Around (Comes Around)
Laura Smith - Everything Is Moving - Borealis Records Canadian