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David Dalle
Thursday February 3rd, 2022 with David Dalle
Ukrainian, Baltic, Finnish, Norwegian music: folk, classical, and jazz.

I have been very worried the past month about Russia threatening war against Ukraine. This would be the first war of aggression in Europe since 1939, so it is a very grave concern. Turning to music, we will hear music from Ukraine, and other Russian neighbours from the Baltic states and Scandinavia, with the centerpiece being the Ukrainian-American Jewish composer Leo Ornstein's tremendous Piano Quintet. The quintet was premiered in 1928 in Philadelphia with the composer at the piano, a concert which also featured works composed and performed by Bela Bartok. Ornstein's work tends towards primal, emotional outburst. Many years after he composed the quintet (Ornstein was extremely long-lived, he was born in 1895 and died 106 years later in 2002), he described his quintet as "not a polite may be overcharged but it is what I heard. Possibly it might have been less blunt and emotionally more reserved, but if one does not sense the almost brutal emotional directness, then I have indeed failed."
We begin today's show with Ukrainian-Canadian composer-pianist Lubomyr Melnyk. Whenever I listen to Melnyk, my heart stops as it sounds simply like the most beautiful thing possible.
Lubomyr Melnyk - Illirion - Sony Classical Canadian
Milas Dziesma
Ilgi - Beyond The River - EMI
Oki, Leitins Leiti Nemoceja
Auri - Beyond The River - EMI
Varttina - Live in Helsinki - NorthSide
Varttina - Live in Helsinki - NorthSide
Is This It?
Mikko Innanen, Cedric Piromalli, Stefan Pasborg - This Is It - Clean Feed Records
Blue Gromka
Cortex - Legal Tender - Clean Feed Records
Loose Blues
Cortex - Legal Tender - Clean Feed Records
We bookend the Ornstein piano quintet with two versions of Estonian composer Arvo Part's "Summa", the first for strings, the second for choir.
Arvo Part/Franz Joseph Quartet - Stabat Mater - Atma Classique Canadian
Piano Quintet Op. 92
Leo Ornstein/Marc-Andre Hamelin, Pacifica Quartet - Piano Quintet, String Quartet no. 2 - Hyperion Canadian
Arvo Part/Studio de musique ancienne de Montreal, Christopher Jackson - Stabat Mater - Atma Classique Canadian
Lubomyr Melnyk - Illirion - Sony Classical Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Tony Paskell
The greater agression comes from the west in the form of NATO expansion- A good part of Ukraine was a part of Russia before 1920, a fact that's not well accepted here in Canada- please don't follow along with the mainstream as it has little to do with your great playlists.

2:06 PM, February 3rd, 2022
peter bunnett
waiting with baited breadth to know if thats Albert Ayler

2:40 PM, February 3rd, 2022
David Dalle (host)
I am very certain, independent of NATO, very few Ukrainians want to be invaded and occupied by the Russians. Ukrainians remember the Holodomor very well! The Baltic countries were part of the Russian empire for a long time, then briefly independent, then invaded and occupied by 3rd Reich-aligned Soviet Union in 1939, then invaded and occupied by the Nazis, then re-occupied by the Soviet Union in 1944 until their independence in 1991. The world should not tolerate empires! Whether British, French, Austro-Hungarian, German, Ottoman, Russian or anyone else.

3:16 PM, February 3rd, 2022