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David Dalle
Thursday December 23rd, 2021 with David Dalle
From Darkness to Light: the annual winter solstice program with Sofia Gubaidulina.

Every year around the winter solstice we join a human heritage dating back millennia in the northern hemisphere, confronting the longest night with joyful, festive noise. I don't think contemporary humans can really understand the terror the long nights must have held for humans in Neolithic and earlier times, particularly for humans spreading into the northern hemisphere. The short days, long nights and impending winter was the most dangerous time of the year. Humanity did what it has always done, it makes noise, it dances, it performs rituals, it rages against the dying of the light. The celebration of Christmas is part of this lineage. I love creating a musical journey which echoes this ancient heritage. This year, the darkness is brought by Russian-Tatar composer Sofia Gubaidulina. Gubaidulina celebrated her 90th birthday this past October, and she still revels in creating dramatic and powerful sounds! We will hear two recent compositions which received their premiere recordings this past November. The first is "The Wrath of God", a ferocious work for a huge orchestra "its fury and despair being released in three vast wave-like crescendos that brighten only briefly." The second is "The Light of the End" which draws upon the tension between the physics of the natural overtone row and equal temperament, which has been the dominant temperament of European classical music since the 18th century. It is also for large orchestra but with more delicate moments, like the duet for solo horn and solo cello. The name refers to the light which comes at the very end, really spectacular music. As we transition fully to the light, we hear a short but gloriously joyful Bach Cantata. It features trumpets and timpani which, for Bach, was almost always used in a joyful, celebratory way. This work has some fascinating touches, such as the 4th movement which is in A minor, a tenor aria, the A minor of the movement is contrasted by the trumpets playing the unadorned chorale melody in C major. This is almost the light-to-darkness drama played out in miniature, with the C major trumpets winning.
The Wrath of God
Sofia Gubaidulina/Gewandhausorchester Leipzig, Andris Nelsons - Dialog: Ich und Du - The Wrath of God - The Light of the End - Deutsche Grammophon New
The Light of the End
Sofia Gubaidulina/Gewandhausorchester Leipzig, Andris Nelsons - Dialog: Ich und Du - The Wrath of God - The Light of the End - Deutsche Grammophon New
Cantata BWV 137 Lobe den Herren, den mächtigen König der Ehren
Johann Sebastien Bach/Arleen Auger, Gabriele Schrekenbach, Adalbert Kraus, Walter Heldwein, Bach-Ensemble, Helmuth Rilling - Cantatas Vol. 43 - Hanssler
Though the sky is already darkening outside, inside humanity is ready to shout at the darkness, dance, and sing with joyous music. Brass instruments are unrivaled for this!
Mazel Tov Cocktail
The New Orleans Klezmer Allstars - Manichalfwitz - Gert Town
I Am Your Gummy Bear
Fanfare Ciocarlia - Balkan Brass Battle - Asphalt Tango
Jump For Joy
Duke Ellington - Jump For Joy - Laser
Urban Village - Undundolo - No Format
Living Together (Tupendane)
Remmy Ongala & Orchestre Super Matimila - Mambo - Real World
Mamo Lagbema - Bambara Mystic Soul - The Raw Sound of Burkina Faso 1974-1979 - Analog Africa
Regis Gizavo - Mikea - Shanachie
Anonymous - Musiques Traditionelles des Comores - Buda
Anonymous - Musiques Traditionelles des Comores - Buda
Baghanni/Sabah al-habayib/Banat al-Urban/Ali Ya Ali
Ensemble Al-Tanburah - La Simsimiyya de Port-Said - Institut du Monde Arabe
Essentially coming around full circle. Double reeded instruments, such as the ney-anban bagpipe from Southern Iran or the ghaita from Morocco, have always filled the same role as brass instruments in musical traditions. Loud, public, festive music of celebration always demanded the double reeds or brass!
Havar Havar
Anonymous - Hot Bandari Dance Music vol. 1 - Caltex Records
Track 2
Said Berrada - Unknown
Interactive CKCU
Sofia G... Delicious. Cool as &%#@!

2:37 PM, December 23rd, 2021
David Dalle (host)
Not bad for a 90 year old!

2:52 PM, December 23rd, 2021
David Dalle (host)
I listen to more Bach than anything else in December.

2:53 PM, December 23rd, 2021