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David Dalle
Thursday August 11th, 2011 with David Dalle
2011 Mahler Cycle: Symphony no. 6 with Sir John Barbirolli

Continuing my 2011 Mahler symphony cycle with his bleak, dark, and magnificent 6th symphony. Mahler believed the whole world should be contained in a symphony, and in this great work, that whole world faces exquisite beauty and intense struggle which ultimately collapses into shocking and violent defeat. One of the greatest and most emotional recordings with Sir John Barbirolli and the New Philharmonia Orchestra from 1968.
Symphony No. 6
Gustav Mahler/New Philharmonia Orchestra, Sir John Barbirolli - Mahler/Strauss - EMI
Djelimoussa Diawara - Yasimika - Ryko
Kasse Mady Diabate - Fode - Syllart