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David Dalle
Thursday July 7th, 2011 with David Dalle

Ethio Blues
Mulatu Astatke - Mulatu Steps Ahead - Strut
Yetintu Tiz Alegn
Addis Acoustic Project - Tewesta - World Village New
Selam Yihoun Lehoulachin
Addis Acoustic Project - Tewesta - World Village New
Nèy dènun tesèsh
Mahmoud Ahmed - Ethiopiques vol. 19 Alemye - Buda
Maya Gasi Ka Bon
Lobi Traoré - Bwati Kono - Kanaga System Krush
Annun Sira
Hamza el Din - Al Oud - Vanguard
One Day We Blamed Each Other
El Tanbura - Between the Desert and the Sea - World Village
Con la Espuela
Sierra Maestra - Tibiri Tabara - World Circuit/Nonesuch
Bruca Manigua
Sierra Maestra - Son: Soul of a Nation - World Music Network
New Goodbye
Hey Rosetta! - Into Your Lungs - Sonic Records Canadian
Past the Danube
Ukrainia - The Maiden - Ukrainia Canadian
Sierra Maestra, Hey Rosetta!, and Ukrainia are all appearing at the Ottawa Blues Fest. Ukrainia and Sierra Maestra 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. tonight. Hey Rosetta! 9 p.m. Friday night. for more information.
Banatsko Kolo/Oj Savice/Mimikino Kolo
Vujicscis - Vujicsics - Rykodisc
Drago Szanasz Manghé
Kek Lang - Winter Moons, Summer Moons - Long Distance
Magyar Rapszodiák no. 20
Franz Liszt/Leslie Howard - The Complete Music for Piano Solo vol. 29 - Hyperion
Magyar Rapszodiák no. 18
Franz Liszt/Leslie Howard - The Complete Music for Piano Solo vol. 29 - Hyperion
We end the set with two fantastic and fantastically rare pieces of Liszt, though they are earlier versions of what would become his most famous pieces, his Hungarian Rhapsodies. The earlier versions tend towards much more elaborate and extravagant writing. Both ones we hear today contain material that was reworked into one of his most well known rhapsody, no. 12. The earlier 20th rhapsody features themes used in the later 12th and 6th, but contains mostly other radical material that is unheard of in 1846 classical music. An absolutely glorious piece which should be given top billing in any recital featuring Hungarian Rhapsodies. Oh what I would give to hear many of the great virtuosi of the last century who recorded the more well known Rhapsodies to have played this one as well (Horowitz, Cziffra, Richter etc)!