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David Dalle
Thursday August 3rd, 2017 with David Dalle
Wonderful Cuban-Algerian-Jewish and Cuban-Flamenco collaborations. One of my favourite works by Brahms. Syrian clarinettist Kinan Azmeh.

Today's show could also be called Three Old Pianists. Three phenomenal pianists from three very different parts of the world. We will hear from three phenomenal recordings from Sviatoslav Richter (1915-1997), Bebo Valdes (1918-2013), and Maurice el Medioni (b.1928). The first two are fascinating Cuban fusions. Cuban Bebo Valdes recorded an album with the Flamenco singer Diego "El Cigala" featuring several Cuban musical guests, but centered primarily on the piano of Bebo Valdes and the Flamenco singer Cigala. The second album features Algerian Jew Maurice el Medioni playing with Cuban drummer Roberto Rodriguez with some Cuban trumpet, tres, and Algerian percussion. The mix of el Medioni's Arabic piano and Cuban improvisation is intoxicating. The third is the great Russian Sviatoslav Richter, one of my very very favourite pianists in a live recording with three members from the Borodin Quartet of Brahms' 2nd Piano Quartet. This symphonic-scaled chamber work of a young 28 year old Brahms is my favourite chamber work of his. A glorious masterpiece brimming with exuberance, lyricism, and joy. It is also being performed this evening at the Ottawa Chamberfest:
Ana Ouana
Maurice el Medioni & Roberto Rodriguez - Descarga Oriental The New York Sessions - Piranha
Nieblas del riachuelo
Bebo & Cigala - Lagrimas Negras - Calle54
Moi je t'aime toujours
Maurice el Medioni & Roberto Rodriguez - Descarga Oriental The New York Sessions - Piranha
El Polaco
Roberto Rodriguez - El Danzon de Moises - Tzadik
Kinan Azmeh appearing tonight in his very special, very personal "Home Within". Late night concert at La Nouvelle Scène Gilles Desjardins
Not to be missed!
Ibn Arabi's Postlude
Kinan Azmeh & Dinuk Wijeratne with Rubin Khodell, Jesse Mills - Complex Stories, Simple Sounds - Independent
Afrocubism - Afrocubism - World Circuit/Nonesuch
La bien paga
Bebo & Cigala - Lagrimas Negras - Calle54
Piano Quartet No. 2 in A Op. 26
Johannes Brahms/Sviatoslav Richter, Members of the Borodin Quartet - Piano Quartet in A - Philips Classics
Improvisations on the Sunset
Cris Derksen featuring Jennifer Kreisberg - Orchestral Powwow - Tribal Spirit Canadian
Tuesday is Your Monday
Cris Derksen featuring Northern Voice - Orchestral Powwow - Tribal Spirit Canadian
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