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David Dalle
Thursday May 27th, 2010 with David Dalle

With the heat wave that hit Ottawa this week, I looked to music from various people and places in and bordering the Sahara desert for the first hour. The second hour was given to a wonderful recording of Sima Bina with the Dastan Ensemble featuring a suite in Shushtari mode of Khorosan folk songs and vocal and instrumental improvisation.
Tebel song of the Meherza
Anonymous - Algeria: Sahara Music of Gourara - Auvidis
Sid Ahmed - Lute and Voices from Mauritania - Naive
Tenalle Chegret
Tinariwen - Imidiwan - Outside Music
A Dunya
Etran Finatawa - Introducing - World Music Network
Tara Torna
Chet Fewet - Touareg de Fewet - Buda
Salu Ala El Nebi
Upper Egypt Ensemble - Al-Medina - Hollywood Music Center
Sima Bina with Dastan Ensemble - Shades of Henna - Dastan
Ettal Pittal Ro Bevdo
Rashid Khan Langa, Vahid Khan Langa, Rehmat Khan Langa - Sound of the Desert vol. 4 - SCI