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Moov Ottawa Dance: Waacking Bootcamp with Didi
7:00 PM on Tuesday Apr. 23rd
Bronson Centre Music Theatre, 211 Bronson Avenue
Price: $40 plus hst, limited to 15 students with experience

Join Artistic Director Didi - Alea for her only pop-up style Waacking Bootcamp!

What to expect? Drills, patterns, floorwork, battle tactics, and musicality training. She will also help prep for the upcoming battle in May 2024.

Who is this appropriate for? Experience is mandatory (0.5 to 1+ year minimum). This is not an introductory class to Waacking. Get ready to push your arms, hand, leg and full body coordination.

Ages 18+. This is not going to be easy 🙂

What to bring? Pre-filled water bottle, comfortable clothing, a prop of some sort (scarf, fan etc)

No refunds
All sales final
All policies in full effect

*Only accepting 15 students with experience*
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