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Heritage Day - 2020 Vision: Bringing the Past Into the Future
11:30 AM on Tuesday Feb. 18th
Ottawa City Hall - Jean Pigott Place, 110 Laurier Ave. W.

Heritage Day is part of Heritage Week, a nation-wide celebration that encourages all Canadians to explore their local heritage, to get involved with stewardship and advocacy groups, and to visit museums, archives, and places of significance. Heritage Day is a time to reflect on the achievements of past generations and to accept responsibility for protecting our heritage.

In celebration of our past and future, this year’s theme as set by the National Trust is “2020 Vision: Bringing the Past Into the Future”.

Mayor Jim Watson will recognize the importance of this theme by presenting the Ottawa Heritage Day proclamation to the Diefenbunker(link is external): Canada’s Cold War Museum and National Historic Site, which strives to increase accessibility, foster partnerships and incorporate technology in order to allow visitors to engage with the Museum in new and inventive ways.

Heritage Day is a chance to recognize the contributions of the many dedicated staff and volunteers promoting heritage conservation and educating the public about our city’s history. Gathering places like museums, and cultural objects such as artifacts and memorabilia are tangible touchstones with the past that can root us in place and nourish the spirit; and intangible heritage – such as traditions, storytelling and more – is at the heart of family and community.

Join the Museums and Heritage Programs Branch in partnership with the Capital Heritage Connexion(link is external) at Ottawa City Hall and browse informational displays and mingle with over 40 exhibitors at the 2020 Heritage Showcase.

Find out how heritage is being celebrated in your community; and learn about services offered by local heritage organizations, public programs and special initiatives, as well as professional development and volunteer opportunities.

Embrace, explore and enjoy Your heritage places and experiences in Canada’s Capital during Heritage Week February 17-23, 2020 and throughout the year!

Celebrate the richness of our past and the promise of our future.