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Rally: Save Our Public Health Care Services
11:00 AM on Saturday Dec. 7th, 2019
TD Place - Lansdowne Park, 1015 Bank St.

The Ontario Health Coalition along with the Ottawa Health Coalition is having a LARGE regional public event to save our health care services from cuts, closures, and mergers. There will be live music, speakers, noisemakers, visual presentations, hot chocolate, snacks and more!

We need your help to mount the MOST PUBLIC PRESSURE for a full reversal of the cuts. This is already starting to work; with your help, we can achieve this!

The government has already delayed and partially-rolled back some cuts. But they are STILL planning to:

-CUT FUNDING and eliminate 25 out of 35 local Public Health Units & merge them down to 10.
-ELIMINATE 49 of 59 local ambulance services & merge them down to 10, and eliminate 12 of 22 local dispatch centres & merge them down to 10.
-CUT special municipal funding for long-term care & impose real-dollar cuts on long-term care and hospitals.

This poses REAL RISKS for Ontarians! We already have the fewest hospital beds left per person of any province in Canada, and a crisis of hospital overcrowding. More cuts mean more service and staff cuts, longer wait times, privatization, and higher death rates.

We can achieve a full reversal on these cuts if we stand together and make it known that the people of Ontario care about the local services that many communities have spent decades building. Help us save the services that save us!

Anyone who would like to VOLUNTEER please feel free to message us at or call 416-441-2502

We are also accepting DONATIONS at:

For a full list of the cuts, closures, and mergers, please visit: