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Consent & Communication Workshop
6:30 PM on Monday Mar. 18th, 2019
Venus Envy, 226 Bank St.
Price: $5

Technically we call this workshop “Consent & Communication”, but this workshop could very easily be called "How You, a Human, Can Talk about Sex with Fellow Humans and Not Want to Crawl into a Hole and Hide". Or, "How to Successfully do the Sexy Things you Want to Do in the Way you Want to Do Them". Or, "How to Be a Good Person in Regards to Sex". You get the idea...

In this workshop, we'll have an in-depth discussion about practicing consent in our sexual relationships. We'll also talk about building confidence and figuring out how the heck to communicate about sex. Totally applicable to long-term partnerships AND one night tinder business. Open to everyone!

To register: You can sign up in-store, over the phone at 613-789-4646, or on our website (through the ticket link).

About the Space:
Venus Envy is a physically accessible space. We have an automatic door, no steps and a gender inclusive bathroom big enough for most mobility devices.

We use foldable, plastic chairs for our workshops. We have three softer chairs that we're happy to reserve if you get in touch with us before the workshop.
We do sell some scented products so we're unfortunately not able to make this a scent-free space. However, we do ask that guests refrain from wearing strongly scented products.

We're happy to book ASL interpretation for any of our workshops! Please get in touch with us in advance of the workshop if you would like us to book interpreters. At minimum, we will need one week's notice, but the earlier you can make your request, the better.

All attendees save 10% on any purchases made after the workshop!

Questions? Comments? Get in touch with us by phone at 613-789-4646 or by email at