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2nd Annual Wabano Round Dance
4:30 PM on Saturday Mar. 30th
Assumption Elementary School, 236 Levis Ave.

Wabano's second Round Dance will be held Saturday March 30, 2019. Please arrive 4:30 pm sharp. The Pipe Ceremony will be at 5:00 pm in the Assumption School Gymnasium, stew/bannock and round dance to follow.

This year will once again feature a Drum Dance Demonstration before the start of the Round Dance. A Round Dance involves First Nations song, dance and drum in a positive, intimate and communal expression of First Nations spirituality. And the passing of songs to the coming generations.

It is a time to honor traditions and memories of ancestors dancing as well as to celebrate First Nations language through song and dance, and the encouragement from Knowledge Keepers and Elders.

Please be aware that this is a dry event (alcohol and drugs are prohibited) and potluck (bring a dish of your choice). Please contact Cultural Activities Coordinator for more information at or call 613.748.0657 ext. 222