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Breathwork for Clarity
4:00 PM on Sunday Dec. 16th, 2018
House Of Common, 11b Fairmont Ave.

Breathwork is an active meditation technique that uses the breath to cleanse the body of emotional waste. The experience moves energy and facilitates the release of emotions such as anger, grief and sadness. Breathwork will leave you feeling softer, open, and less burdened. It will make you feel light in the mind and body, leaving the space to make decisions in your most intuitive state. I will coach you through this experience with love…all set to a cosmic soundtrack.

This work can change emotional default settings, lifetime patterns of depression, anxiety and addiction, connect you to your intuition, help you access your creativity and open your
heart to increased gratitude and self-love. It is a self-healing practice that has changed lives and is an efficient and effective way to emotionally detox.

Krista Reid will lead the group, we will be working on clearing out the programs, so that we can get unstuck, find clarity, connect to our intuition & creativity, and move forward without fear. The power of breathing together in a group amplifies the sacred container of support, as we all contribute our open hearted, light seeking energies to the mix. You add to the collective when you show up in community to heal.

Lucy Bryn will be joining the circle and assisting participants in moving any energy blockages through Reiki; also known as healing touch. Lucy's practice will help to facilitate movement in
both the body, spirit, mind and emotional spheres in order to achieve the ultimate benefits of breathwork.

Please bring your journal, water bottle, and anything that will make you feel comfortable when lying on the floor. Stones for the palms of your hands for grounding, or sacred crystals, are recommended, but not necessary.