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30 Yr Anniversary with Mike Vallely
1:00 PM on Saturday Jul. 21st, 2018
On Deck Skateboard Shop, 141 Bentley Ave. E. Unit E

Mike Vallely returns to On Deck to celebrate 30 years in Business.
In 1988 at the age of 18 I opened On Deck and on my wall was Mike Valley's first pro model released by Powell Peralta....13 years later in 2001 with the industry I knew and loved shifting out of the hands of skateboarders and into the hands of the corporate businessmen I found myself at a crossroads with my lifelong passion. I decided to reach out to the only person I thought that would understand what I was feeling and sent an email to Mike V explaining. I asked what it would take to get him here to help show this city what skateboarding was all about and hopefully renew my passion for skating. Those that were here on that January day in 2001 witnessed something that would stick with us all for the rest of our lives. There is not a person in skateboarding that I respect more than this man, and Mike V has once again joined forces with On Deck through his company Street Plant in support of and along side us both reaching 30 years in this crazy industry that we have dedicated our lives to. Join us July 21st at 1pm in celebrating On Deck's 30 yrs as Ottawa's skateboard shop . TA - On Deck x Street Plant