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Masculinity: Under Construction Meeting
11:00 AM on Saturday Jun. 16th, 2018

Lovely male-identifying people,

This will be our third meeting. We will talk about sex and gender, the difference between the two, and how they are constructed. The second part will be on accountability, see more info below for this addition.

Sex and gender are core concepts for mastering the feminist vocabulary. Such mastery is important when conversing with your uncle at family meetings, or your partner about household chores, as well as to reflect on your own thought patterns and behaviors, and for recognizing (your) privilege.

The discussion will be half educational, and half about sharing our own experiences and perspectives. The meeting will be facilitated by Mathieu.

In our last meeting, through sharing, we noticed that we had many similar stories, which is great for understanding how "masculinity" influences our lives. We also had a good look at where our stories were different, how intergenerational history, capitalism, migration trajectories etc played a role.

Looking forward to hearing your (his)stories and experiences!

Addition on accountability:
Many of you may have seen the bad date posters, or the story in Ottawa Matters. We think discussion about sexual assaults, warnings from survivors, avoiding further harm, and accountability are one of the main reasons we want to come together, so we use the second part of our meeting to discuss this.