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The Dark Side Of Oz
9:30 PM on Saturday Apr. 20th
ByTowne Cinema, 325 Rideau Street
Price: $14

Join us over the rainbow for a special 4/20 presentation of the one of the most magical (and trippy) artistic pairings of all time!

Born from a long-running urban legend, this cinematic spectacle combines Victor Fleming's iconic 1939 fantasy The Wizard of Oz with the music of Pink Floyd's 1973 psychedelic opus The Dark Side of the Moon.

The phenomenon of pairing the album with the movie started when fans noticed that the rises and falls of the music matched the action on the screen. Members of Pink Floyd have denied the connection, but fans have since found the match to be too uncanny to be unintentional. We invite you to be the judge: coincidence or a deliberate musical trip to Munchkinland?

A magical night awaits! Don't miss out!