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PIQUE - Spring Edition
March 8-10
Arts Court, 2 Daly Avenue
Price: Sliding Scale suggested contribution $25-$50

Presented by debaser:


Chady Tam-Tam & Queenyy
digital polyglot
Dimitri Georgaras
Jesse Stewart
Maria Chávez
Marita Isobel Solberg
Maylee Todd
Val Jeanty
Zineb Allaoui

PLUS the return of TOPIQUE symposium! Stay tuned for the programming announcement!


Pique is back with the spring edition opener of its 2024 season bringing groundbreaking international and Canadian artists to the Arts Court in downtown Ottawa. For the first time, Pique will present a multi-day edition of its acclaimed music and art festival series happening on March 8–10, 2024. Transforming the Arts Court into a dynamic venue-wide celebration, Pique is a seasonal showcase of underground and avant-garde performance, visual art, and more.

The 2024 Pique spring edition is all about experimentation, exploration and expecting the unexpected. Many of the artists featured at the spring edition are innovators in their own right, bending genres, trailblazing new technologies, or delving deeper into unexplored capabilities. While this edition invites audience members to challenge themselves and listen deeply, there are still plenty of opportunities for silliness and celebration. Charting a course that explores both mind and body, thinking and acting, Pique spring edition offers a full range of creative possibilities.

The all-ages festival will present more than 15 artists across 7 stages and exhibition spaces, including groundbreaking audio/visual performances, DJ sets, performance art, exhibitions, and more.

Tickets to Pique are pay-what-you-can, and the Pique live stream is free to watch online.

Admission is SLIDING SCALE with a suggested contribution of $25-$50.

To purchase a ticket below or above the suggested sliding scale, please register for our pay-what-you-can ticket program:

PLEASE NOTE that while a tickets gains you access to the festival, each individual venue space within is subject to capacity, and your ticket does not guarantee you access to each performance. Consult the schedule and arrive early to the stage to ensure you catch the performance(s) you want to see!

Registration to the Topique forum is free with a ticket to Pique, but each session is subject to limited capacity restrictions. Registration opening soon!

The event is ALL AGES and licensed.

Visit for more info.