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Womxn in Film Panel
10:30 AM on Saturday Oct. 26th, 2019
Arts Court Theatre, 2 Daly Ave.
Price: FREE

Join us for our Womxn in Film industry panel! We talk about experiences, what it’s like for these women in the industry, how far we’ve come and much more!

Joining us in our 3rd year are these incredibly talented womxn:

Andrea Kenyon, Casting Director – Andrea Kenyon and Associates Casting

Angie Seymour, Model and Talent Agent – AMTI
Penny McCaan, Filmmaker

Emily Ramsay, Digi60 Film Festival Board Member and Producer – Obscura Creative

Nicole Viens Brennan, Head of Accounting – Fireside Pictures

Keltie Duncan, Director of Film Operations – Canadian Film Institute

Panel is FREE to attend!