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ALL NATIONS!: Indigenous Awareness Presentation & Literary Awards
3:30 PM on Sunday Apr. 28th
Arts Court, 2 Daly Ave.
Price: FREE - Space limited to 60 people by reservation

Barely Bruised Book Club Presents:

Poetry/Short story/ Essay/Artwork/contest! $500 cash prize! $250 runner ups! All are welcome to submit!

For the occasion, we invited a nationally known Indigenous presenter, Moog Hamel, who will voluntarily provide a free thoughts provoking presentation.

Canada speaks of reconciliation but what are we reconciling from? So much awareness is required but so little historical and situational transparency.

After the event the Barely Bruised Book Store will ask all who attended to submit a poem, short story, essay ,artistic text‎ or artwork which will be published to further generate awareness. A $500 cash prize will be awarded to best piece!

Submissions in any language will be published in a book called ALL NATIONS! Submissions will be accepted for 60 days after event. Once all submissions are in,the book will be printed(early November).

Copies will first be given to all in attendance at the April 28, Indigenous Awareness Presentation. All in attendance will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite piece of writing within 45 days of receiving the book. The favorite piece of writing or artwork will receive a $500 cash prize! 2 runner-ups of $250 store credit @ The Barely Bruised Book Club! This prize is OPEN TO ALL!




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