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Amanda Beech: Art's Possible Worlds [talk + reception]
6:00 PM on Tuesday Mar. 26th, 2019
Knot Project Space, 2 Daly Ave.
Price: FREE

*Experimental DJ set by Chris International in response to notions of mobility, stagnation and change examined through Beech's exhibition Covenant Transport: Move or Die*

*Drinks and refreshments available for consumption*

*Reading lists printed and stapled for distribution*

Knot Project Space is thrilled to continue its Video in the Public Sphere Speaker Series with LA-based artist and writer Amanda Beech, who will deliver an artist talk and screen a selection of her works. The talk will also function as the reception for Beech's five-channel video exhibition Covenant Transport, Move or Die, on view from March 9th - April 6th, 2019.

Beech will discuss the overarching themes of her work, concentrating on the possibilities for a realist art, what this would mean, and how it ought to function. To address this theme, she will concentrate on and screen specific video works that have explored the relation between image, site and location, as well as the philosophical questions regarding the nature of our reality that produce these relations. In other words, Beech’s lecture will ask what role our conception of the world plays in our notions of place? How might the construction of an artwork that takes this into account behave as a location in itself?

The Video in the Public Sphere speaker series aims to open up and sustain a discursive space in which the wider Ottawa community can navigate, expand upon, and challenge the notion of 'publics' and 'publicness' through critical lenses and contemporary concerns. A series of visiting artists, critics and curators, working at the intersection of artistic production, site specificity and public space, will engage with the complexities of this terrain from various points of entry. Each will deliver substantial talks at Knot Project Space about their work and research, provide reading lists about the research, and in some cases also conduct intensive follow-up workshops and discussion groups.