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Plan F: Remembering the Future: An Indigenous Feminism Strategy
1:00 PM on Saturday Apr. 6th, 2019
SAW Video, 67 Nicholas St.
Price: FREE

In 2018 we saw the destruction of an essential program, the Indigenous Culture Fund, developed in the name of truth and reconciliation for Indigenous communities and artists in Ontario. We also read the Ontario Arts Council's report "The Status of Women in the Canadian arts and cultural industries: Research Review" which, in it’s non-intersectional approach, has found video and media arts to be severely gender sparse. Remembering the Future: An Indigenous Feminism Strategy is an interactive discussion and reaction to these events and findings.

Remembering the Future is a conversation about how to persevere and thrive within an industry that does not prioritize you. How to continue on within the governmental institutions that bind us and that we depend on for funding as artists and arts workers. Our intent is to further expand the ramifications of the cut to the Indigenous Culture Fund and expand the OAC’s report and address the intersections it lacks.

This discussion is also an attempt to continue the conversation about austerity against Indigenous people in this country across sectors. We do not want the cut to the Indigenous Culture Fund to be forgotten and we want our concerns heard. The goal of this facilitated discussion is to create a list of recommendations that SAW Video can submit on behalf of our community to the Ontario Arts Council. As well as draft a letter to the Ontario Conservative party, ATTN: Doug Ford, detailing our discontent and call to action. Participants will be led through group work activities and develop a hashtag to be used during and after the event in an effort to make our conversation go live.

This discussion will be lead by Métis strategist and governance powerhouse Liz Barron. Liz is dedicated to building strategies and programs that target, motivate and engage Indigenous artists and organizations working in all cultural milieu.

We acknowledge that SAW Video is located on land that is part of the unceded and unsurrendered Traditional Territory of the Algonquin people. We honour the Algonquin people and elders, whose ancestors have occupied this territory since time immemorial, and whose culture has nurtured and continues to nurture this land and its people.

SAW Video has zero tolerance for disrespectful behavior including but not limited to racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia and ableism.

More on Plan F
Plan F is SAW Video's six month series aimed at supporting womxn and their allies in celebrating and creating our collective future within the video and media art industry. The series will feature action-oriented workshops, talks and screenings that are intended to build skills, expand experience, broaden knowledge, and increase and sustain womxn's representation and influence within the industry. Plan F is an opportunity for us to celebrate one another, learn, have fun, take up space and work together to knock down barriers to womxn's full participation in media arts.

Let's plan for our feminist future!

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