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Top albums: Apr 8 – Apr 14, 2024

Position  Artist  Album  Label   
1 Tom Rush Gardens Old, Flowers New Appleseed  
2 Marble Ghosts Marble Ghosts   Canadian
3 Dustin O'Halloran 1001    
4 MABRO Whatever you do .... don't   Canadian
5 Kiran Ahluwalia Comfort Food Independent Canadian
6 Sue Foley One Guitar Woman - A Tribute To The Female Pioneers Of Guitar Guitar Woman / Linus Entertainment / Stony Plain Records Canadian
7 William Shatner single    
8 Wine Lips Super Mega Ultra Stomp Records (Apr 2024) Canadian
9 Adrian Sutherland Precious Diamonds   Canadian
10 Ary Lobo Ary Lobo 1958-1966 (Limited Dance Edition Vol. 19) Analog Africa  
11 Class of 91 Burn Down (single)   Canadian
12 David Bars Single    
13 DJ Illogik Single    
14 Eric Bibb Live At The Scala Theatre Repute Records Ltd. / RHM Linus, LLC. / Stony Plains Records  
15 Florian Arbenz Conversation #11/#12 Hammer-recordings, 2024  
16 J57 Single    
17 Maggie’s Wake Maggie’s Wake   Canadian
18 METZ Up On Gravity Hill 2024, Sub Pop Canadian
19 The Hello Darlins The Alders & The Ashes   Canadian
20 The Shop Window Daysdream    
21 希林娜依·高 热辣滚烫YOLOOST合辑    
= Canadian content New = New release

Top 10 broadcasts heard on-demand

Position  Show  Host  Highlight 
1 Stranger Songs Mike Regenstreif Songs I’ve Heard Tom Rush Sing
2 The Groove Elorious Cain ROMANIDISCO / BALKANBEATZ etc.
3 The Deep Blue Jon Degan GUEST HOUSE (MUSIC)
4 Back 40 Ron Moores Remembering the music and career of Collen Peterson (also a founding member of "Quartette").
5 Interzone Mimsey Demon RIP Flynn The Finch. New mixes by Beatman & Ludmilla, Future Funk Squad, and NC-17. Psytrance, Breaks, Drum & Bass.
6 Night Shift Sam Smalley Shift #51: Drum & bass, melodic, dark psy, progressive, house!
7 Renny's Riot Recumbent Renny Dub experiments, echo accidents, jazz equivalence & rootin' rock pigs.
8 Friday Drive Trevor Walker [Wax4Sale]
9 Mapped Out Radio Malek Eye (Guest Host) Special edition of Mapped Out Radio hosted by Malek Eye
10 Wednesday Special Blend tic # 1004. Team Insecta